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"Mutual affection and understanding enables us to transcend our physical limitations"

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Buttercup Dew explores the underlying philosophy of
Friendship is Magic.

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Praise for My Nationalist Pony:

"might just be the best pony related ass kicker around"
- CrowbarredCranium

"an inspiring person"
- Orvendr

"a tempting ideologue for the nationalist way of life"

"really impressed.. very interesting"
- Valedecem

"I thoroughly enjoy [My Nationalist Pony], a great writer"
- Gettinghighonthebadtimes

"I’d probably ask you out on a date"
- StatelessCrusader

"put into words something that I’ve been trying to, very eloquently"
- Alamodealamorte

"various, well-written articles, cute pictures of Ponies"
- LolingatLiberals

"My Nationalist Pony has, once again, astounded me"
- Arenarceus

"a clever brony, that much is certain"
- PinkPyro

And then I said, nationalism? Are you CRAZY?!